Who We Are

College Sense offers customized college counseling for high school students who are planning to apply to selective universities across the world. From application strategies, career counseling, activity and test planning to essay guidance, personalized university lists, application review and interview help, we provide comprehensive guidance through each and every step of the college application process.

Every counselor working at College Sense is a graduate of an Ivy League institution and is certified in college counseling. As such, we take great pride in providing hands-on support and bespoke advice to all our clients in order to help students determine and reach their individual goals at this important stage in their lives.

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What We Stand For

As the College Sense team, we aim to demystify the college application process by helping both parents and students better understand the college search and selection process. We believe that each student has a unique combination of strengths and talents, and our priority is to empower the student to cultivate and bring them out in the college applications.

With our personalized guidance, data-driven approach and holistic view of the college process, we help all our students make informed decisions regarding their academic paths and extracurricular choices. Our goal is to ensure that each and every student reaches his or her full potential during the process of college applications.

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Message from Our Founder

While the college application process may seem daunting at first, with proper planning, accurate information and customized advice, students become better equipped to achieve their full potential throughout the process.

Each student has a story to tell, a path to take and a goal to reach. With one-on-one support and a personalized approach, we guide the students through every step of the way in order to ensure that they formulate, meet and even transcend their personal and academic goals.

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~Debbi Antebi